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January 15 2024 Naira To Dollar Rate (FULL LIST OF OTHER COUNTRIES RATE HERE TOO)



January 15 2024 update on Dollar to Naira today’s Black Market price is 1255 Naira.

Today, the Naira Black Market exchange rate for 1 US Dollar is 1255 Naira.

This means that you can get 1255 Naira for every 1 Dollar that you exchange.

The Black Market Exchange rate is typically higher than the official exchange rate because it is not regulated by the government.

Dollar to naira – 1255

pound to dollar  – 1265

dollar to yen -1570

pound to euro – 1585

dollar to euro – 1330
dollar to euro -1345

dollar to canadian dollar -950

dollar to rand – 980

zar to dollar -50

yuan to dollar – 65

dollar to yuan – 310

dirham to dollar – 325

euro to dirham – 135

pound to yuan – 150

dollar to cedi -90

pound to yuan – 110

dollar to xaf -1720

euro to xaf – 1800

aussie to naira – 630

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