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“I really don’t care about that man” — Erling Haaland



"I really don't care about that man" -- Erling Haaland

Manchester City’s prolific forward Erling Haaland delivered a resolute response to Roy Keane’s critique following an electrifying performance against Wolves, where he netted an impressive four goals, including a first-half hat-trick.

Keane’s commentary stemmed from Haaland’s previous showing against Arsenal, where the Irish pundit likened aspects of his gameplay to that of a “League Two player.” Keane, known for his forthright analysis, didn’t mince words, highlighting Haaland’s perceived deficiencies in general play.

In a post-match assessment on Sky Sports, Keane reiterated his stance, emphasizing Haaland’s need for improvement beyond his scoring prowess. Despite acknowledging the Norwegian’s goal-scoring acumen, Keane maintained that Haaland’s overall performance left much to be desired.

However, Manchester City’s manager, Pep Guardiola, swiftly came to Haaland’s defense, hailing him as “the best striker in the world” and underlining his instrumental role in City’s recent treble-winning campaign.

Erling Haaland, known for his composed demeanor both on and off the field, responded to Keane’s comments in characteristic fashion during an interview with media outlet Viaplay.

When questioned if Keane’s remarks had fueled his recent performances, the 23-year-old striker simply shrugged off the criticism, stating, “I really don’t care about that man, so that’s all right.”