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“I feel for Chelsea” — Jurgen Klopp



"I feel for Chelsea" -- Jurgen Klopp

If it comes to losing finals, Jurgen Klopp is better versed on the subject, and despite having a 100 percent record against Chelsea in finals, the Liverpool boss doesn’t fail to express remorse for a familiar foe.

The German following Liverpool’s 1-0 win over the Blues in extra time of the Carabao Cup final, expressed empathy towards Chelsea.

Despite securing a win for the second time against Chelsea in a final, Klopp acknowledged the emotional toll that consecutive final defeats can take on a team.

In a pre-match press conference, Klopp conveyed his understanding of the disappointment Chelsea must have felt after losing multiple finals in succession.

Drawing from his own experiences of enduring defeat in several finals, Klopp empathized with Chelsea’s situation, emphasizing that receiving constant reminders of past losses can be a challenging ordeal for any team.

"I feel for Chelsea" -- Jurgen Klopp

“I’m the one who knows what it’s like to lose five or six finals in a row… I can imagine how it was for Chelsea.”

“Everybody tells you: by the way, you lost the last five and that’s a new record. It’s not nice and I really felt for them.”

The German manager highlighted the undeserved criticism often directed towards teams that falter in finals, emphasizing that Chelsea’s performance in the Carabao Cup final warranted recognition rather than blame.

Klopp‘s remarks underscored his belief that labeling teams as “bottlers” for their final defeats is unjust and fails to acknowledge the effort and quality displayed by the players.

“They didn’t deserve to get all the blame. They played a really good game,”

“That’s why this ‘bottling’ thing is really not mine. I really don’t understand it.”

Meanwhile, Mauricio Pochettino, Chelsea’s manager, revealed the emotional turmoil he experienced following the Carabao Cup loss. Pochettino disclosed that the defeat left him feeling devastated, with emotions running high as he ascended the steps at Wembley.

The Argentine manager admitted to nearly crying upon reaching the podium, illustrating the profound impact of the loss on him and his team.

“When I went up the steps at Wembley, I was so upset. Nearly crying.”

“When I arrived there, it was so difficult to stop myself. But I immediately felt support from the owners, they have been very nice. I appreciated that.”

Despite the disappointment, Pochettino expressed gratitude for the support he received from the club’s owners in the aftermath of the defeat.

He acknowledged their understanding and kindness during a challenging moment, highlighting the importance of solidarity and encouragement during times of adversity.