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“I am the Boss here, okay” — PSG Coach to Mbappe



"I am the Boss here, okay" -- PSG Coach to Mbappe

Paris Saint-Germain coach, Luis Enrique is not ready to take ‘no’ for answer or from anyone in the PSG team, not even from star player Kylian Mbappe.

The former Barcelona boss took center stage in the aftermath of PSG’s Champions League qualification clash following his tactical decisions in the match.

Addressing Mbappe’s anger post-match, Luis Enrique insisted that he remains the one who gives orders to the team not Kylian Mbappe.

Despite PSG securing a spot in the Round of 16, tensions arose as Enrique guided the team to adopt a cautious approach, much to Mbappe’s apparent frustration.

In a statement to RMC, Enrique remarked,

“I understand Mbappe’s annoyance. But it’s me who gives orders to the team.”

He emphasized the strategic choice made in the crucial fixture, pointing out that the decision wasn’t solely his but also involved inputs from his coaching staff.

The contentious moment unfolded as Enrique instructed PSG to exercise caution, considering AC Milan’s lead over Newcastle United in the group’s other fixture.

“We have to try to score, of course, but if you look, we went into Dortmund’s area only around 2 or 3 times,” Enrique explained.

Acknowledging the weight of his decision, Enrique defended the calculated approach as one of the “best decisions” in his career. He justified the move, citing the context of the game and the need to mitigate unnecessary risks, particularly given the circumstances in the group.

While affirming his role as the decision-maker for the team, Enrique recognized the collaborative nature of his coaching staff’s involvement in shaping strategies. However, he emphasized that ultimately, the final call rested with him.