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“How I was struck by lightning while filming passion of Christ, lasted for 10 years” – Jesus actor recounts



 American actor that had played the lead role, Jesus in the viral movie, The passion of Christ, Jim Caviezel recalled the struggles he faced while filming. 

Caviezel, now starring in “Sound of Freedom,” was struck by lightning while filming Mel Gibson’s biblical film.

The actor was also hit in the head with a cross weighing over 150 pounds.

Caviezel was struck by lightning “on the last shot of the movie,” as disclosed in an  interview with Fox news in 2023.

The cast and crew were filming the Sermon on the Mount scene and, on the fifth take, Caviezel was struck.The lightning strike led to two heart surgeries, including an open-heart surgery, along with “lots of medication.”

The actor said the issue was “finally corrected” in 2014.

“In addition to the lightning strike, Caviezel was also toppled by a cross weighing over 150 pounds while filming.

“It fell on my head, and I bit through my tongue and my cheek,” Caviezel recalled.

“And it was actually in the film,” he added. “You see blood streaming out of my mouth” during the scene. The actor’s left shoulder was also dislocated.

“I had really struggled with that all film.”

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