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How Gistlover ruined my special moment — Alex Unusual



How Gistlover ruined my special moment -- Alex Unusual

Former Big Brother Naija reality show contestant, Alexandra Asogwa, popularly known as Alex Unusual, has opened up about the impact of false allegations on her career, revealing that she lost a lucrative deal due to unfounded rumors spread by an anonymous blog, GistLover.

In 2021, GistLover made baseless claims that Alex was involved in romantic relationships with married men, including comedian AY. The blog also alleged that Alex and her stylist, Medlin Boss, were engaged in a lesbian relationship.

Despite the lack of evidence to support these allegations, they had severe consequences for the reality star.

In the latest episode of Doyin’s Corner podcast, Alex recounted the ordeal and how it affected a deal she had secured with a school for her Unusual Fest event. The scandal not only tarnished her reputation but also led to the cancellation of the previously sealed deal.

Alex shared her perspective on addressing the false accusations, stating,

“Ordinarily, I would have ignored them. But I’ve a children event that I was planning, an anti-bullying event. What am I teaching kids if I would not teach them to know when to speak up for themselves?”

Parents of the children scheduled to attend her event had reached out to her, expressing concerns about the allegations. Faced with the impact on her work, Alex chose to address the situation publicly.

She revealed,

“The school had sent me a message to say that they had cancelled the deal that we already concluded on. And it hurt me. That was the first time I ever put out anything [debunk allegations].”