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“Guardiola better than Ferguson in England” — Carragher



"Guardiola better than Ferguson in England" -- Carragher

Liverpool legend turned pundit, Jamie Carragher gets on a lot of Manchester United nerves after suggesting that legendary manager of the Old Trafford team, Sir Alex Ferguson would never have replicated the feat of rival manager, Pep Guardiola if their places were to be swapped.

Following the 4-peat like the media term it, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City side have gone on a 4-consecutive premier league title win which cumulated in a 6 premier league title triumph in 7 seasons. However, the former Manchester United boss, claimed 13-premier league titles in 26-years at the club, and in those seasons, created a record that saw the Red Devils win 3 consecutive league titles in 3 seasons.

Of course, the Manchester City boss not only equaled the record but broke it a decade later.

Weighing into the debate on who now stands as the best manager in Premier League history, Jamie Carragher did not mince words by spelling out Pep Guardiola’s name over Ferguson.

According to the ex-Liverpool defender, Guardiola won six titles in 7-years, a feat that Sir Alex Ferguson couldn’t have dreamt of.

Initially stepping into English territory in the 2016/17 season on the back of a successful campaign in Germany with Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola endured a tough campaign in the premier league in his first season. However, the Spaniard went on to win every league title since then bar the 2019/20 season since emerging as Manchester City boss.

Speaking on a Sports podcast, Carragher in addressing the debate between who the better manager is between Sir Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola, said in quotes;

“I’d put Pep Guardiola top of Premier League [history]. Sir Alex Ferguson, what he did at Aberdeen, maybe puts him above Pep, but in terms of the Premier League, Guardiola has won six in seven [titles], and he’s only been here for eight years. Ferguson would have only won his first one after being there for seven years.”