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Gaza protests: Biden breaks silence under mounting pressure



Gaza protests: Biden breaks silence under mounting pressure

President Joe Biden breaks his silence after facing a mountain of pressure to address the campus unrest across the United States sparked by the conflict in Gaza. In a statement delivered from the White House on Thursday, Biden emphasized Americans’ right to protest but condemned any acts of violence.

“There is a right to protest, but not a right to cause chaos,” Biden stated, breaking his silence on the issue that has gripped the nation’s attention in recent days. The president had previously delegated commentary on the matter to his spokespersons.

Facing criticism over his handling of the situation, particularly as he gears up for reelection in November, Biden sought to strike a delicate balance. He denounced antisemitism while affirming the right of young Americans to protest, albeit peacefully, in order to avoid potential long-term political fallout.

Acknowledging the validity of both perspectives, Biden reiterated the distinction between peaceful dissent and unlawful actions. “Destroying property is not a peaceful protest. It’s against the law,” he asserted, citing examples of vandalism and disruptions to campus activities.

While underscoring the importance of dissent in a democracy, Biden emphasized the need for order to prevail. “Dissent is essential to democracy but dissent must never lead to disorder or denying the rights of others,” he asserted, expressing concern over the impact on students’ academic pursuits.

In response to inquiries about potential intervention by state governors, Biden indicated reluctance to deploy National Guard troops, signaling a preference for resolving the unrest through other means.