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About MyoaMusic

My name is Mayowa Sobomowo, a Nigerian from Ogun State and the first child of three beautiful girls. I was born and lived in Nigeria. I moved to the UK when I was about sixteen, I had my degree in Accounting and Masters in Business Management in the UK. However, I’ve always been involved in music since childhood and was a choir member in my church for a couple of years.

Childhood dream profession

I think when I was growing up, I always said I want to be an accountant because of my father, because I really look up to him. He is a very hardworking Chartered Accountant, and I admired him for that. But on the side, I was always thinking, “I wanna sing, I wanna sing”.

Advent into music

I’ve always loved singing since I was a little girl but the specific age that comes to mind was when I was ten years old. Then I was in the choir in my Secondary School, Vivian Fowler, here in Nigeria, and my teacher, Mr. Ladi, really brought out the best in me. I can remember that was when I wrote my very first song, and we did a very interesting audition then. And then they started using my song as matching song in my school. I also write songs a lot when I got home then, it was just a burning passion in me. And I’m so grateful my parents have been more than 100% supportive.

Reason for studying Accounting and Business Administration

I did that because I’ve always wanted to be an Accounting person. When asked in school about what I wanted to study, I’ve always said I wanted to study Accounting. So I moved to England to do that, and it was fine! But I was always singing by the side. It was after then that I did my Masters. And I think it’s also very good to have a degree; it’s something that will help a long way in whatever you choose to do. And then I never knew I would eventually go into music  full time, I was just doing it for the love of it; there’s no year I never sang or did something.

Moving out of my comfort zone; how I closed my eyes and took the bold step

I can remember it was after I had finished my Masters degree and I got a fulltime job in a very good company in England. I was working and doing great in this amazing company. I also got all my documents, I was comfortable and I had everything that most people wanted. But something I in me was just kind of empty. I would come to work, and sometimes I would sing. I just deeply felt there was something different for me. So I would go home, I would pray and say, “God what is the next level of my life? What am I really supposed to be doing?” And then slowly like that you just have to feel that burning thing in you, and I decided I’m going to study music. Because I always knew I could sing and I used to play the drums and keyboard. So I decided to go learn the business aspect of it; production, recording, stage performances and the likes. So I decided to go fulltime into that, and I applied to school at the Musician Institute in Hollywood. I applied for a degree in vocal performance and recording. I was also doing a lot of performances during my course; I put a band together and they were playing for me. In 2007, I got everything including my visa, left the UK, quit my job, and they were very supportive when I left. And even my boss said “If you ever want to come back, you’re welcome”.

Genre of music

My specific genre of music is Soul R&B but the message behind it is inspirational. And when I say soul, it’s because my tone of voice is soulful.

Purpose for coming back home

First of all, I’m a Nigerian . I mean things are going great over there and for the past two years I’ve been doing a lot of performances across Los Angeles and Las Vegas. And knowing that the music industry here is just thriving, I just want to come back and be known here among my people, and let my knowledge, skill and music also inspire people around here. And I also want to contribute to what is going on in the society because I think we’ve got a whole lot of talent around here.

Breaking into the Nigeria’s music industry

I know I will, with people like you who already like and believe in my kind of music. I think my music is something I feel the Nigerian people would love because my music is really about my story, love, God, inspiration and everything. But I think the message alone is what the everyday people want to get, and, with all humility, I think I’ve learnt a lot about music, the talent, how to perform and so on. So I feel it’s going to work if I do come back here, and still not forgetting my international exposure.

Experience and performances

When I moved from England to Hollywood, Califonia in 2007 to study music, I got a band together and that was when I started doing a lot of shows. I also performed in a couple of places. I’ve performed as a Gospel Soloist in the Gospel Art Show London, I performed as part of a group that sang with Stevie Wonder at His Benefit concert at the Staples Center LA in 2007, I performed at Live Sets at Cafe Audrey in Hollywood, I performed for the Artist Development Showcase -Musicians Institute in December 2008, I performed at the Wiltern Theater, LA, in March 2009, I performed at the Noen Venus Art Theatre- Las Vegas in February 2010. Here in Nigeria, I performed at The Bold & Beautiful Fashion Forum, Eko Hotel, Lagos and also performed at the Opa Williams Tribute hosted by Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st at the Oriental Hotels, VI, Lagos, both in this year.

On Nigeria’s Music Industry?

I would say the Nigeria Music Industry is really thriving and there are a lot of good talents around here. The only thing I’m a bit worried about is the business strategy in terms of distribution and making sure that people who really want to sing have a good and supportive system. But for the fact that people still produce good songs in spite of that, I think we will still get there.

Present move

I’m in the process of putting out my album, and that’s why I’m trying to create some awareness for now.

Vision for the nearest future

Well, I want to have my music very present here in Nigeria, and also not forgetting the international scene because that’s where I grew up, I can’t forget that. I ultimately want to have my music touch people’s heart and I also want to be a great performing artist. You know, music is deep and, for me, it’s not just about the money but passion.






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