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FIFA leaks voting pattern for FIFA Best Award



FIFA leaks voting pattern for FIFA Best Award

Lionel Messi claims yet another trophy in the FIFA Best Awards for his exploits last season but this time, FIFA has chosen to leak how the Argentine emerged winner of the award.

FIFA inadvertently revealed the comprehensive breakdown of votes for The Best FIFA Awards 2023, creating a buzz in the football community.

The disclosure hints at Lionel Messi emerging as the front-runner for the prestigious accolade.

The glittering event, held in London on Monday, brought together luminaries from the world of football to honor the best in the sport.

The coveted title of the best male player is determined through a voting process involving coaches, captains, journalists, and fans.

Full breakdown of how coaches, captains, media and fans voted in FIFA Best Awards as Lionel Messi wins

Each of these groups contributes 25 percent to the overall vote, regardless of the numerical strength within each category.

Details unveiled on FIFA’s official website unveil a captivating narrative. Messi clinched the votes from the public and national team captains, a testament to his enduring popularity.

However, it’s worth noting that Erling Haaland secured more votes from the journalist and coach constituencies. As a result, the two football maestros find themselves tied on overall points.

The voting graphic positions Messi at the pinnacle of the rankings, indicating a potential victory.

The interpretation suggests that the tie-breaker favored Messi, presumably due to receiving the highest number of first-choice selections.