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Just imagine confessing your feelings to someone you really like.

It works in different ways.

You could just be lucky enough to discover that your crush likes you back…but in cases where it is on the contrary, it can really be embarrassing.


1. Greenlight (HINTS) – Greenlight is giving signs that you like a person.
When you are giving your crush greenlight, you indulge in activities that gives the person hints without saying it in words.

Actively support them anywhere you find them all the time.

Check up on them and monitor their well being.

Show that you are concerned. Really concerned.

In cases where your crush is always on social media, like and comment on their pictures, be the first to repost them.
If your crush likes to be in parties, appear in those parties with a smiling face.

Try to get close to his/her friends, families ( in some cases). 

Find out what your crush love doing and force yourself to also love those things.

For instance, your crush likes writing, post about write ups. Your crush loves football? Post about football. Your crush loves movies, post about movies. Post about what your crush finds interest in. It is a fast way to captivate them.

MY STORY: I remember when I was crushing on a TV presenter in 2020. I followed him on his social media pages and slid into his dm. I didn’t tell him that I liked him but I told him that I was in love with his programmes on TV. He was not the proud type so he responded and from there, we got afterwards, I gave him updates on his programmes as I strictly followed them up and made him fully aware that I was intentional about getting updated by what he loved doing.
He picked interest in me and I began to tell him about my life struggles and told him I needed his advise( A tactic to get closer).

He advised me about it and we became drawn to each other.

On Valentine day, February 14, 2020, I asked him why he didn’t go out with his ‘supposed partner’ and he said there was no plan.

He invited me over and the rest is history.

LESSON LEARNT: You don’t have to confess your feelings to your crush before dropping HINTS.

2. Be intentional about your dress sense.
People are usually captivated by what they see before getting to know you. You don’t have to give a ‘he/she should like me the way I am’ vibes to someone that has not even started liking you yet.
When a person has grown to love you, their feelings don’t change because of ‘how you look like’ but when they have not grown to love you yet, adding spice to fuel a ready heart will help you in a lot of ways.

In this new generation, 99 percent of people are intentional about monitoring your dress sense.

3. Be very good at least in one thing and show your skill in a way that your crush can see it!

People are usually drawn to a person’s strength. Being actively good in something draws a lot of people to you. If you are so boring and dull, it just makes you like every other person and you just don’t ‘stand out as much’.

Develop your skills and portray it to the public as if it is more than what it really is.

Make even the smallest thing you know how to do look so beautiful. Beautiful things attract. Give it a try.

4. Give yourself high standard – Make your crush see that you know your worth. Learn to never rate yourself low. Your crush sees you the way you see yourself. Think of yourself like someone of high regard.

5. Be intentional about the way you smell even when you are sweating. Never allow your crush smell from you any irritable smell. Always smell fresh. Roll ons, colognes, perfume oil, hair oil, use them all the time.

6. Slide into their dm and appreciate their skills. Encourage them and make them aware that you are rooting for them.
7. Buy gifts. Intentional gifts. Think about what they need and buy it for them. Don’t write out your feelings on the gift. Write good words that appreciates their being but don’t confess your feelings on the gift.

8. Ask for their advise on things ( even if you don’t need it) People usually love it when you trust them with your secret and even rely on them mentally. Telling someone something that bothers you draws the person to you. Don’t ask for advise about relationships. Ask for advise about friendships, family, career, every other aspect of life.

9. Don’t appear sexual. Don’t try to sexually seduce your crush. You might not be able to know if your crush is intentional about you or just want to have sex with you. A lot of people are sexual in the world and your crush sees those people. Allow your crush understand that you bring principles to the table. Sex is easy to see but principled people are really scarce these days. Before sex, let personality and values make your crush drawn to you.

10. Tell your crush you like them without telling them. Sounds confusing right? For example, you can say, “There are billions of people in the world but I desire a dark skinned girl with goals and humour. I desire a girl who puts God first and pours out her heart to me. I desire a girl who talks to me differently from any other girl and her name starts from J’. Make your crush understand that you ‘like someone like them’ and if they give you greenlight afterwards, it is a Go!