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Family Calls Animal Control Officer, Thought Dirty Socks Was A Lizard




The officer said: ‘It was around seven inches long and about two inches wide.
A family called out the after mistaking a dirty sock for an apparently lifeless lizard.
A stripey pink ‘creature’ was spotted underneath a bed at a property ,last Friday, prompting a call to the animal welfare charity.

Animal collection officer Vic Hurr, who was called to the scene, said she approached the find cautiously as she was unsure about what breed it could be.

‘It was protruding from the edge of the bed and it wasn’t moving at all. As it wasn’t very light, I got out my torch to see better and that’s when I realised it wasn’t a lizard at all … it was a pink stripey sock!
Family’s embarrassment after calling out Animal collection officer to deal with dirty sock
They were a little embarrassed when they were told it was actually a sock.
‘I advised the young girl whose bedroom it was to tidy her room and to take care of her socks, but not before reminding her that another one will turn up soon as they are usually in pairs!’
An RSPCA spokesman said family members were ‘quite mortified’ at their error.

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