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Fabinho’s wife Rebecca Tavares fires dig at Manchester City after Liverpool Parade



Rebecca Tavares

If there’s one woman who isn’t scared of sharing her opinions on Twitter and in support of her team, it’s Liverpool talisman, Fabinho’s wife; Rebecca Tavares.

She has endeared herself to Liverpool fans right after the Midfielder joined the club, and has continually supported the team and its players on social media. But fans can’t ignore her recent post on twitter which was directly aimed at Manchester City.

Of course, the Blue side of Manchester recently pipped the Reds to the English title, but criticisms faced the Cityzens after its City wide parade of the Premier League trophy that saw a low turn out of fans.

And Rebecca can’t help but troll the Cityzens after Liverpool’s parade brought out a 500 thousand number of fans cheering for the team even after failure in the Champions League final.

On her post, she remarked on the presence that welcomed the team in the parade, stressing that it was something ‘oil money’ couldn’t buy.

Her post were welcomed by Liverpool fans but rivals were sure to come at her in the comments section, which she took pleasure in addressing with a follow up post to add salt to injury.

“We are Liverpool, this means more! See you next season, red family. Thank you for your support. ‘There are just some things oil can’t buy’,” Rebecca first wrote before adding a follow up

“My hobby right now it’s read haters comments in my tweets THE TRUTH HURTS!!!!”

The Liverpool fans will surely cherish her.