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Let’s not get too Carried away by Jesus—Aaron Ramsdale Preaches



Don't Get Carried away by Jesus--Aaron Ramsdale Preaches

It’s not another biblical pun, alright but Arsenal goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale is one who wants to keep his head straight over the signing of Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus.

The former Championship player admits with the Brazilian’s signing, a lot of pressure and expectancy would be placed over his signing but he believes it shouldn’t be warranted as everyone needs to play their part in the Arsenal team.

The Englishman tips Jesus to bring all the positive to the Emirates, specifically his champion and winning mentality but a lot depended on the whole team.

The Brazilian, Jesus made a stunning £45m move from the Etihad to the Emirates Stadium this summer and judging from pre-season videos, the player has hit the ground running with many goals.

Don't Get Carried away by Jesus--Aaron Ramsdale Preaches

Don't Get Carried away by Jesus--Aaron Ramsdale Preaches

Speaking to Sky Sports, Ramsdale notes that the Brazil international is “a great guy,” who chats with everyone at the club and “always has a smile on his face.”

The striker aided Manchester City in winning 4 Premier League titles, 3 league cups and an FA Cup in a 5 year stint at Manchester City.

Although, it is in Aaron Ramsdale hopes that Gabriel Jesus will carry on that same winning spirit, he admits the reality that comes with it.

“He’s got amazing talent and he also knows how to win, so I’ve been trying to pick his brains.” Ramsdale said.

“He’s not going to change everything at this football club in terms of winning things, but if we can take 1% out of his mentality and how he plays, then it’s only going to benefit us,” he added.