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Donald Trump Blasts New York Judge, Defends Sons



    Former President Donald Trump on Thursday blasted New York Judge Arthur Engoron and defended his sons Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump, who he said are being “persecuted in a political witch hunt.”

Both of Trump’s sons took the stand this week in the non-jury civil trial stemming from New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit against Trump’s family and businesses.

Trump slammed Engoron, saying he was “hurting my very good children” and working to “damage & defame” him in an effort to interfere with the 2024 presidential election.The former president and 2024 Republican presidential primary frontrunner posted to his Truth Social account Thursday afternoon, as his son Eric Trump was on the stand testifying.

“When Judge Arthur Engoron, one of the most overturned, on Appeal, Judges on the ‘bench,’ stated that a Billion Dollar House is only worth 18 Million Dollars, & made numerous other mistakes, as well, he is the ‘Fraudster,;’ not me,”

Trump posted.”He is just doing this out of his personal ‘Hatred of TRUMP,’ his love of the publicity that this case is getting him, & his lack of respect for the Appeals Court (He is in total violation of their order ending much of this Witch Hunt right now. He refuses to do what they say he must!),” he continued.”Engoron is a wacko who is having a great time endlessly sanctioning, fining, & pushing around ‘TRUMP,’ hurting my very good children, & working to damage & defame me for purposes of Interfering with the 2024 Presidential Election, all this while never admonishing our failed & corrupt Attorney General, whose ‘Star Witness’ admitted he lied, & that I did NOT tell him to inflate values, a total reversal,” Trump wrote. “Their whole case was based on this single LOSER, so it should be dismissed!”

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