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DJ Kid Vibes in collaboration with Flo Rida, famous American rapper



For the end of this year, awarded DJ and producer Kid Vibes brings new international hit tune “Tight Body” followed with amazing music video with tigers, elephants and monkeys filmed in Thailand and on the beautiful Venice beach in Los Angeles, USA.
This song was produced by Kid Vibes in collaboration with famous American rapper Flo Rida, Serbian rapper Juice and Jamaican singer Honorebel.
This is not the first time Kid Vibes is working with the big names in music industry, in 2013 he did official remix for Pitbull.
His high quality music production took him to the top of iTunes charts in many countries around the world.
He is performing live with saxophone player and that is giving unique experience to his DJ sets.
There is not much to say Flo Rida as he is one of the rappers in America at the moment with songs “Good Feeling”, “Wild Ones”, “Whistle”, “My House”, “Going Down For Real” etc. his music videos are counting more than billion views on YouTube.

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