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China confirms 53 dead from Mine collapse in Alxa League



China confirms 53 dead from Mine collapse in Alxa League

China has officially confirmed that 53 individuals lost their lives in a tragic coal mine collapse that occurred in the northern region of Inner Mongolia back in February, according to state media reports.

The catastrophic incident took place in the remote Alxa League, where an open-pit coal mine experienced a partial collapse of a 180-meter-high (590-foot) slope, resulting in the burial of people and vehicles beneath the debris. In the aftermath, numerous individuals were reported missing.

Initially, search and rescue efforts led to the retrieval of six survivors and six deceased individuals from the wreckage. However, for several months, no further updates were provided by authorities regarding the missing individuals.

On Wednesday, state broadcaster CCTV revealed that the 47 individuals previously classified as missing “had been confirmed to have no vital signs,” as reported by the regional emergency bureau.

CCTV stated, “The search and rescue work has now finished,” further informing that “the large-scale collapse on February 22… killed 53 people.”

The severity of the incident was underscored by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who immediately ordered authorities to undertake all necessary measures to locate and rescue the missing individuals. He emphasized the importance of safeguarding lives, property, and overall social stability.

Following the president’s directives, hundreds of personnel and over 100 pieces of equipment were deployed by authorities as part of the extensive rescue operation, as stated in local government announcements.

Alxa League, a sparsely populated area, relies heavily on mining and other extractive industries for its economic sustenance. The incident serves as a grim reminder of the risks associated with such industries and the importance of ensuring safety protocols are strictly adhered to.

China has made significant strides in improving mine safety in recent decades, accompanied by increased media coverage of major incidents that were previously overlooked. However, accidents still occur frequently within the industry, especially at sites where safety measures may be lacking or inadequate.

As China mourns the lives lost in this tragic mine collapse, the incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the mining sector in prioritizing the safety and well-being of workers. Efforts to strengthen safety protocols and enforce stringent regulations are crucial to prevent similar incidents and protect the lives of those involved in this vital industry.