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Alagbara – John Omosuyi Ft. Adedayo Sekere [Video]



Alagbara - John Omosuyi Ft. Adedayo Sekere [Video]

John Omosuyi, a passionate supporter of Christian music that reflects the Word of God and showcases Christ in a New Creation, has unveiled his newest single, “ALAGBARA,” with Adedayo Sekere.

John Omosuyi contemplates the profound impact of God’s Word, drawing from his strong faith – Alagbara reflects on the biblical passage in John 1:14, which reveals Jesus as the Word spoken by God to create the world and humanity.

From a deep revelation of the power of God’s Word and its capacity to mold realities, “Alagbara (The Powerful One)” was born.

Omosuyi shares, “The song ‘Alagbara‘ was dropped in my Spirit many years ago, birthed out of a revelation of what the Word of God is capable of doing.”

As he immersed himself in the New Creation Message, delving into the profound truths of Christ’s work and the identity of believers in Him, the song began to resonate within him.

“While listening to the New Creation Message about Christ and all He has done for us, my Spirit started singing the song dropped in it by the Holy Spirit until my mouth opened up and it became audible,” he explains.

Years later, Omosuyi teams up with Adedayo Sekere to bring “Alagbara” to life, ensuring its impactful message reaches a broader audience.

The music video for “Alagbara” can be found on John Omosuyi’s official YouTube channel.

John Omosuyi is a dedicated music minister in the New Creation Worship, focused on creating music that reflects the written Word and showcases Christ in a new light.

Omosuyi aims to make a difference in people’s lives and help them gain a better understanding of their identity in Christ through his ministry.

Watch Video Below;

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