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After a long wait, Synagogue revival mountain service resumes



Jubilation as Synagogue Revival Mountain Service Resumes

The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) resumed its three-day revival mountain service on Sunday, marking a significant moment for worshippers after years of absence.

The event, held at the Church Mountain in Lagos, drew attendees from around the globe, demonstrating the enduring impact of SCOAN’s ministry.

Amid controversies and the passing of founder TB Joshua, worshippers expressed renewed faith and hope in the continuation of SCOAN’s spiritual legacy under the leadership of Pastor Evelyn Joshua.

The revival served as a reaffirmation of the church’s commitment to divine directives and spiritual upliftment.

According to reports from the News Agency of Nigeria, worshippers gathered at the Church mountain seeking solutions to various issues through prayers.

Despite its domestic focus, the event attracted a diverse audience, highlighting the global reach of SCOAN’s ministry.

Attendees, such as Emeka Ezedibia, expressed their belief in the divine connection between the church’s present leadership and its founder.

They saw the revival as a sign of greater blessings to come, emphasizing the sense of hope and expectation among worshippers.

Bimbo Ege, another attendee, shared her personal testimony of healing and restoration, attributing her spiritual transformation to the ministry of TB Joshua.

She described the service as a moment of profound spiritual connection and renewal for worshippers.

Addressing the congregation, Pastor Evelyn Joshua underscored the divine purpose behind the revival, reassuring worshippers of God’s awareness of their presence and their divine destiny.

She emphasized the church’s commitment to fulfilling its spiritual mandate and urged worshippers to remain steadfast in their faith.

“We are not on this mountain on our own. We are here today and for the three days at God’s command for our revival. Heaven is aware that you are here and because heaven is aware of your presence, your case is settled.”

Overall, the revival service at SCOAN represents a significant milestone in the church’s journey following the transition of its founder.