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7 Sure Ways To Avoid Carryovers In Nigerian Tertiary Institutions



The term ‘carryovers’ is a campus buzz word with Nigerian students no matter the institution or level they find themselves. Students usually feel bad when they have a carryover in a course. Of course, this is expected because no student would like to revisit a course his colleagues have passed.

Some students have even employed extreme measures e.g night classes just to curb this nightmare, but guess what, ‘Heaven help those who help themselves’.

Now, Let us just run you through some possible ways that you could apply to avoid a carryover this semester.

5 ways to kick off a new semester

1. Don’t skip lectures

This is one of the many reasons students score low grades in exams and continuous assessment. A student who skips lectures will most likely miss an impromptu test and write out of context in exams.

So, make sure you attend all lectures. Remember some lecturers like you to give them answers to exam questions same way they taught you in the class. If you miss such lecturer’s class, you are likely going to carry his course over.

2. Treat all courses equally

This is a very vital point. Students are known with the habit of preferring one course over another thereby giving more attention to the preferred course. This is not cool at all as there is every tendency of you carrying the neglected course over.

3. Stop excessive partying

Partying and going to clubs every time could have a negative effect on your academic performance even if you are very brilliant.

You don’t need to hang out with friends or party all night to enjoy yourself as a student. And if you really do care about not having a carryover, you’ll have to cut down on partying.

4. Brush up your reading habits

Some people have very poor reading habits. Better do a research on this and improve yourself before carryover comes knocking on your door.

5.  Don’t overstress yourself during exams

This simply means ‘read moderately’. Yes, you want to be the scholar and has read for 48hours nonstop while an exam is coming up in the next two hours. Sorry is your name.

6.  Be friendly with your lecturers

Now if you can’t shine a little bit of your teeth with your lecturers, then don’t go close to them at all. If you go close and become an enemy, ‘I no know no dey of’.

7. Drop that nonchalant attitude

Some students are so nonchalant. They don’t care about lectures or any other thing. Are you one of them? Please drop that attitude to have a carryover-free stay throughout your university days

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