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7 simple strategies on how to move past Self Doubt

Self doubt is that feeling of uncertainty about your ability to accomplish something. This dark shadow of insecurity can lead to hesitation and indecision. If left unchecked, it can cause us to abandon our course or radically compromise our expectations. Even the most self confident among us will experience self doubt from time to time. Because we can’t completely avoid it, we need a strategy that allows us to contend with, and conquer self doubt.

Because self doubt is a temporary expression of insecurity, it can reach right to our core. Self doubt can undermine our strongest beliefs. Often times, it is the only thing that stands between where we are, and where we want to be. Here are seven  simple steps to conquering self doubt


  1. Recognize and acknowledge your self doubt. You cannot overcome something until you first recognize and acknowledge its existence. If we give into the temptation to ignore or deny self doubt, it will impose limits on our ability to act. If you suspect that it exists, you need to pull it into the light so it can be dealt with. The better you become at identifying hidden doubts, the easier it will be to overcome them.


  1. Analyze your self doubt. Spend some time drilling down and figure out what triggered it and why? When you analyze feelings, you make them vulnerable logic and reason. Normally, feelings override logic, but questioning the validity of feelings brings them within the reach of reason.


  1. Identify the source. If you can figure out where these feelings originate, then you can hit them where they live. Try to get a handle on the area of your life that creates your sense of uncertainty so you can work on it.


  1. Is there a pattern. Self doubt tends to have favorite places to hang out. This raises the likelihood that we have probably experienced it in a similar situation before. Think back, have you been down this road before? Did you overcome your doubts? If so, what steps did you take? If not, what can you do differently this time around?


  1. Design a plan. Sit down and plan out a strategy for defeating your doubt. Make an educated decision about what to do next. Choose a path that you think will lead to conquering your doubts. Next, put your plan down in writing.


  1. Anticipate possible challenges. Now look at your plan and try to identify possible challenges along the way. Is there some area that you need help with? If so, ask someone close to you to give you some encouragement. Sometimes, some foresight and a little support is all it takes.


  1. Take action. You have a plan, the next step is to put it to use by taking action. Stick to your plan and ask for help if you need it. In fact, encouragement is good even if you think you can go it alone.


How do you deal with self doubt? Please leave your comments.

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