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50-arrested in Alimosho Lagos for setting market on Fire



50-arrested in Alimosho Lagos for setting market on Fire

A fight between some teenagers and hoodlums at the Ile-Epo in Alimosho LGA of Lagos state over an unspecified matter is said to have injured several individuals. Gunshots were heard in a widely shared video, and numerous stores were destroyed along with millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise.

According to Benjamin Hundeyin, the state police spokeswoman, the market had returned to normal after roughly fifty people were taken into custody.

It was discovered that the brawl between the thugs began on Wednesday night, May 1, and went on until Thursday morning, May 2.

Additionally, there were rumors that the enraged thugs hindered the security personnel’s early action. Additionally, it was stated that a fire engine dispatched to put out the fire at the market was forced to reverse due to stone-throwing.

Although the exact reason of the crisis is unknown, there are rumors that it started with two sides of the thugs who had made some money betting on sports.

The state government of Lagos has taken action to maintain peace and has made strong comments cautioning against violence in the state.

At least fifty persons have been detained in relation to the event in the state’s Alimosho local government region, according to Channels TV.

Normalcy has been restored in the area, according to Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesperson for the state police. “So far, over fifty suspects have been arrested while the shanties they occupied have been destroyed, effectively distancing them,” the statement partially quotes him as saying.