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5 reasons Wizkid and Davido will always fight on social media



The endless war between Wizkid and Davido has been among the most entertaining on Nigerian social media in the past couple of years.

It has even had an effect on the output of both superstars. The more the tension, the better the music and the virality of it.

The duo keeps taking over headlines whenever they turn social media into a battlefield with the media playing referee. Their fans as the loyal army, with each leading their legion.

Here are five reasons this war won’t be ending anytime soon.

Rivalry for supremacy

Wizkid and Davido, like warriors fight to sit on the throne of any kingdom, will continue to squabble until one is crowned the undisputed king. And since that hasn’t happened, neither one of the warring parties is ready to raise the white flag just yet.


As long as no one has been declared fit to sit atop the Iron Throne, the show continues.

The fans’ thirst

Ever seen a pack of legions on the prowl? Imagine the lot in Walking Dead, or the hungry demons in Corey Stoll’s The Strain. That is how the voltrons of each party would charge once it came to the defense of their own. No team wants a loss and so, every chance they get, the fans stay egging the fight on.


The honourable referees

The referee’s job is to be in control of the competition and so he places himself in a vantage position, observing, managing the competition and ensuring that the rules are observed.


That is exactly what the media is doing. Social media blogs and the media are wont to run articles and posts that — maybe not intend to, but — ultimately pits them against each other. No publicity is bad publicity, right? It’s a win-win for everyone.

Personal envy

Although both are incredibly successful in their own rights, Wizkid and Davido envy each other more than anyone else in the industry.

In the last few years, they have both been at the top of their game, with neither resting on his oars — constantly contesting against each other, partly in a bid to sate their male ego.

Can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar

The existence of social network will always be grounds for temptation should one party decide to throw a punch.

Except you’re Jesus, temptations aren’t exactly that easy to resist, much less a tweet that belittles your effort.

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