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25-year-old dancer killed after eating Wrong biscuit



25-year-old Orla Baxendale killed after eating Wrong biscuit

A 25-year-old professional dancer, Órla Baxendale, lost her life after consuming a Vanilla Florentine cookie that was incorrectly labeled and contained peanuts, unbeknownst to her.

The popular supermarket Stew Leonard’s, where the fatal cookie was purchased, and the wholesaler, Cookies United, are now entangled in a blame game over the unfortunate incident.

A statement released on Wednesday, January 24, by the law firm representing Baxendale’s family revealed that she went into anaphylactic shock on January 11, succumbing to a severe allergic reaction triggered by the undisclosed presence of peanuts in the holiday treat.

Attorney Marijo Adimey expressed the family’s grief and pointed to a “tragic oversight” that led to the recall of the Vanilla Florentine Cookies sold at Stew Leonard’s stores in Danbury and Newington, CT, for the period of November 6 – December 31, 2023.

The family’s legal representative alleged “gross negligence and reckless conduct” on the part of the cookie manufacturer, Cookies United, and the sellers, emphasizing the failure to disclose the presence of peanuts on the product packaging.

This oversight, Adimey argued, resulted in a devastating and preventable outcome.

Originally from Manchester, UK, Orla Baxendale had moved to New York City in 2018 as a scholarship student at the renowned Ailey School.

25 year old Professional dancer d3ad after eating mislabeled cookies from  popular grocery store that contained peanuts

The 25-year-old dancer had left a mark on the city’s artistic scene, having performed during New York Fashion Week and participated in dance productions at Lincoln Center.

The incident occurred during a social gathering in Connecticut, where Orla Baxendale consumed the mislabeled cookie.

Stew Leonard Jr., the CEO of Stew Leonard’s, expressed deep sympathy for the family in a released video, acknowledging the profound loss.

However, the blame game escalated as Cookies United countered the accusations, stating that they had informed Stew Leonard’s about the change in ingredients months before Baxendale’s tragic death.

The wholesaler claimed that Stew Leonard’s was notified in July 2023 that the product now contained peanuts, with all shipped products appropriately labeled.

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