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10 Hottest Professional Courses In The Oil And Gas Industry



There are over 10 professional courses in the oil and gas industry that anyone in the upstream or downstream sector can undergo to boost their career. Infoguide in this article, reveals ten professional courses in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

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They are:

1) Development Geology

This is a course recommended for petroleum engineers and geologists involved in the exploration of oil and gas reservoirs.

The course aids a good understanding of the sub surface and integrated field management, the course content includes gathering of geological data, interpreting gathered data and preparing geological models as well as discussing sub surfaces.

The course will also deal with geophysical methods, geological concepts, production seismic and gas volumetric calculations among others.

2) Basic Geochemistry For Explorationists

This course is of great importance to oil and gas professionals at the early stages of their careers. It is an assessment, prediction and correlation of source rocks and associated hydrocarbons of a given petroleum system to make it easy for discovering new oil and gas accumulations at faster and relatively lower costs.

It also points out the competent role of the geochemist in basin analysis. The course contents include the petroleum system approach, evaluating organic geochemical analytical date, gas geochemistry. Bio marker technology and many more.

3) Fundemtals Of Drilling Process

This course aims at providing a general knowledge of the drilling process and its equipment. It covers all aspects of drilling with the objective of educating the participants in drilling and creating awareness.

New drilling personnel are encouraged to take this course which includes the following contents: off and onshore drilling unit design, frilling processes, management and planning, well design and planning, safety and drilling risks, onshore and offshore equipment, drilling cost, real problems and causes.

4) Structural Geology

This is a mandatory course for petroleum engineers and geologists involved with the exploration and development of oil and gas reservoirs as well as technical managers in the oil and gas business.

The course provides the necessary skills to deal with complex structural geometrics with the kinematics of fault and fracture system with reservoir alienation and trap integrity.

The course contents are introduction to geo mechanics, the geometrics and kinematics of fault systems in relation to tectonic environment and an assessment of the potential sealing properties of faults in low data situations and explorations.

5) Introduction To Oil And Gas

This is a start up course that provides basic knowledge of the oil and gas industry. Participants will be introduced to the nature of the oil and gas working environment, exploration, survey and drilling as well as elaborated details on drilling and wells.

The course will embrace these compartments: drilling which includes wig wire, equipment and processes involved in drilling a well, completing a well and preparing it for production, horizontal drilling and well work over operations. Field development which includes onshore and offshore developments, shallow and deep water developments, gas field developments.

Aspects of well and facilities design. Health safety and environment: which includes safety, the environment, confined space, working at height and hydrogen sulfide.

6) Competency In Onshore And Offshore Pipeline Systems

This course examines pipeline designs, construction and routing through to pipeline economics and advanced practices in asset management. It will help participant gain core knowledge in the standards and specifications related to pipeline design, operations maintenance and also helps the grasp the engineering principles involving liquid and gas flows and their importance in relation to pipeline design. The course completely relevant to both onshore and offshore pipelines and equips participants with a multi disciplinary understanding of pipelines and assisted them in understanding the full cycle of pipeline engineering.

7) Exploration And Production

This course which is an introduction to the upstream petroleum industry educates participants on the life cycle of the reservoir, from the formation of hydrocarbon to how oil and gas is trapped in the reservoir to the formation process followed by the reservoir appraisal, development planning, execution of the plans and production operators.

Details of the course includes exploration and Geo science overview, economic petroleum accumulation, reservoir prediction, exploration business process, field development training, reservoir and recovery estimation, drilling overview, the well design process, well construction policies, drilling economics, completion equipment, completion challenge and a few others.

8) Oil And Gas Safety And Health Management System

This is a very important course among the ten professional courses in the oil and gas industry. Because safety is paramount in every industrial setting and cannot be taken lightly, thy is course is a vital constitute of the oil and gas industry.

It teaches participants on how to manage occupational safety and health risks, risk management processes, implementation process of occupational safety and health management in the oil and gas industry.

The course is designed for professionals who intend to start a career in health and safety, under graduates and graduates who looking to boost their profiles as well as business owners who intend to offer health and safety services. The course is accredited by the professional petroleum institute of Nigeria.

9) Oil And Gas Environmental Management

The main objective of this course is to provide participants with the basic environmental issues in the oil and gas exploration and production industry.

It will help him understand environmental issues in relation to oil and gas and to make sure that the organizations activities are in compliance with environmental regulations in areas such as air, quality, waste, clean water and pollution.

The organizations also ensure that employers comply with both internal and external environmental requirements. The course contents includes an overview of oil and gas exploration management and operational practices and procedures.

10) Petroleum Refining and Processing

This course equips participants with strong skills in upstream operations, downstream operations and decision support in petroleum refining and processing. It will help them adopt, combine implement and execute the right operations and processes in oil refining.

A thorough training in this course will enable participants work effectively as process operators or operating personnel in any petroleum refinery because it helps them understand a modern integrated petroleum refinery as well as crude generation and migration.

The course details includes introduction to petroleum refining, crude oil composition refinery, processes and technology.


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