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“President Of Nigeria Sold It To Me For $2000” APC’s Twitter Account Hacker

The official APC Twitter account with over 700K followers seem to have been hacked and the person currently running the account who goes by the name Justin Sun, has said that the president sold the account to him. According to him, ‘The President of Nigeria sold me this even record, for 2k$, he said that he lacks money, and I agreed to buy his account with 700k followers, a good deal.�It’s amazing, the president asked me to buy other accounts, I’m going to buy them. I’ll ask him if he can sell me Nigeria itself?’.

Screenshots: APC

The verified�APC account with over 700k followers has also been tweeting a lot of BITCOIN related tweets which all points to the fact that something is terribly wrong.

At the moment there’s no official reaction from APC or the Presidency as regards the breach of the account.

Below is what the homepage of APC twitter looked like a few moments ago

Screenshots: APC

Here’s what it looks like now….

Screenshots: APC

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