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Daystar’s Drama Group #TheReflexions Delivers Amazing Stage Play – #Unstoppable | Watch Now!

It’s time to live again!

It was an invigorating weekend for members of Daystar Christian Centre onsite and online from all over the world.

Daystar;s innovative drama group TheReflexions treated members to a first-class stage play production  which accurately passed across clear, salient yet timely messages on drug abuse, love and eternity to name a few.

Unstoppable, as the play was titled, is a love story about a young girl who gradually slipped away from God and her love interest into the hands of peer pressure and drugs. She was almost ruined but amazingly, got a second chance and found her way back to God.

Very professional and spiritually inspiring performance, while it had some in tears and others in awe, the impact of this reflective play would reverberate as a turning point for many. In one word, according to viewers, it was MINDBLOWING!

You can also watch a rebroadcast scheduled at 2.00pm (WAT) via http://live.daystarng.org 

We bring you a quick roundup in photos and video!

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