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How To Make The Most Of Your Blank Moments


We have targets, we have deadlines, but our minds and bodies have refused to get going. Writers’ block?, readers’ block?, creative block? and the many other names we call it these days, they are blank moments. Making the most of blank moments is not just about knowing how to avoid them, but learning how to harness those moments to make your time count regardless.

Acknowledge it.

Two of the worst things you can do during blank moments are to deny it and run away from it. Instead of fighting, acknowledge it. The more you acknowledge these blank moments, the easier it will be to handle them. Remember, even the biggest names in entrepreneurship have blank moments. We all do.

Find the lesson.

Allow your mind wander. Let it go on a hunt of random thoughts. Let it learn simply from thinking rather than experiencing. When you are up for the challenge, think about this blank moment. What was going on before it arrived? What were you working on?  Scrutinize the situation, because in moments like this, there are hidden lessons everywhere.


Traveling alone is one way to be kind to your mind, body and spirit. Travel alone to a new place. If your blank moments are occurring more frequently, heed the gentle reminder that you are pushing yourself too hard for too long. By forcing yourself an inch outside of your comfort zone, you allow yourself to grow out of the blank moment and restart the creative engine in your mind.

Make a changing productivity list.

Forcing yourself to stare at the same project hoping for traction will only frustrate your mind and stress your spirit. Shift gears and pull out one or two side projects that you are passionate about. Spend some time on those. Work on them interchangeably with your main project. This will keep your mind busy with a different form of creativity.

Remind yourself that you are in control

You have the power to bring back your creativity and productivity. Learning how to make the most of blank moments takes time. Do not beat yourself up if it doesn’t work at the first few attempts. Simply knowing that you possess the power will keep you from the gloom-filled thoughts that try to interfere. You can come out of the rabbit hole any time you want.


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