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How To Make Millions Importing Used Clothes & Shoes In Nigeria

Importing fairly used clothes and other items such as shoes, bags, children toys, and electronic products into Nigeria is very lucrative business. Nigerians buy these things everyday even at high prices. I would rather buy shoes from the fairly used shoe dealers than buy the China made, or Idumota Oshodi made shoes in Nigerian markets. Not that I am not patriotic but because I like quality stuffs. It is better I get Oliver Fox from imported fairly used dealer that I am sure is the genuine quality even though it has been used than get brand new Louis Voitton in Idumota that is actually fake and made in Aba.

There are so many people like me who prefer to go for fairly used tokunbo shoes whenever they don’t have enough money to buy pure designers than buy the inferior new ones. Some months back, I bought three pairs of made in Nigeria shorts in Oshodi, two days later my wife bought another three for me in the market but this time it was Fairly used made in UK. The three I bought had since gone while I am still using the ones my wife bought. That is the power of quality products – they last longer than the fake new ones.

Importing used clothes and shoe into Nigeria has been a big business over the years and the trend doesn’t seem to vanish soon. This is another very good business opportunity that is fitting for those Nigerians living outside the country where this things are gotten very cheap, sometimes free.

I always see people gather each time I am passing by and when I looked closely, only one thing that I used to see – there is new arrival of used cloths and shoes and people are busy in numbers selecting their choice designs and paying instantly.

Used clothe in USA cost about $0.5 dollars in Bale of 25kg grade A. If the bale contains like 200, the price will be $0.5 x 200 = $100 (N20,000). If you brings it into Nigeria, the same bale will be sold for up to N75,000 and make N45,000 pure profit! You can sell at cheaper price to help your country people and still make good profit.

How To Start Importing Used Clothes Into Nigeria

  1. Get a Big shop back home if you are outside Nigeria where you will be stocking your goods when it arrives. The same shop will be used for displaying so that passerby who would like to bend down and select could do that conveniently. A friend confirmed that some of the cloths found in this bales are good enough to be sold in boutiques as some are still unused with the labels intact.

  2. Source your products online at eBay or Alibaba and select the preferred supplier. Or you go round and look for suppliers. You will have to arrange for trusted business partners back home who will be in charge of the home front.

  3. Set your logistic in place and begin to import. As soon as it arrives, your partner at home will take over from there and handle the sale, distribution and disbursement.

Please, If you are into this business or you have engaged in it before and have some experience share with other and let’s take the discussion forward.

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