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How To Focus More On Saving


It might difficult to grow your savings this is why you need to focus more on growing your savings.

How to focus more on saving

If you have issues growing your savings, you need to focus on the growth of your savings.

Issues with your savings will affect your finance negatively.

Though with so many financial responsibilities it might difficult to grow your savings, you need to focus more on savings.

Here are ways to focus more on saving.

1. Separate your savings account from your regular bank account

It is very easy to spend money that is quite accessible. But if you don’t have easy access to cash, you can’t spend.

Separate your savings account from your regular account. 

So it is best to put your savings in a totally different bank account which is not the bank you use for day to day transactions. You can then transfer money from your regular account into your savings account.

Not only must it be a different bank, it shouldn’t also be close to where you stay.

If you get tempted to withdraw out of your savings, you would think twice before you do so because it is not only in a different bank but the bank is also not nearby.

2. Automate your savings

Instead of always finding it hard to take constant trips to the bank to deposit money into your savings account, you can just automate your savings.

A certain amount out of your income is removed automatically every month and put into your savings account.

Not only does it make it stress-free, it saves you the stress if you forget about your monthly savings.

Let the bank handle all the stress while your savings improves.

3. Set realistic saving goals

You should set realistic saving goals you want to achieve within a time range.

Set realistic saving goals (Pinterest)

It helps you to work towards something instead of putting money into your savings without any reasonable reason.

4. Save your loose change

You could save more by saving your loose change.

Save your loose change 

Instead of spending your change on things that don’t amount to anything, you can put your loose change into a jar and whenever it’s full you deposit it at the bank.

5. Pay off your debts

You need to  pay off your debts. It would take a lot of dedication to pay your debts without accumulating more because it is possible to be broke after settling all debts and get tempted to go and borrow some more, which takes you back to owing debts.

Not only does it help you save with a purpose, it also makes it hard for you to just take cash out of your savings without any reasonable reason.

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