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God Punished Salah With Injury For Breaking His Fast – Islamic Cleric

An Islamic preacher in Kuwait, Mubarak al-Bathali has stated that Liverpool player, Mohamed Salah’s injury at the UCL final was a divine punishment visited on the player for breaking his fast.

Salah sustained a shoulder injury after he was tackled by Real Madrid defender, Sergio Ramos. Salah fell hard on his left shoulder which resulted in his game ending abruptly.

According to Mubarak al-Bathali, the injury sustained by the player is as a result of him breaking his fast which is a disobedient act.

Muslim’s are allowed to break their fast for travel purposes, but the Kuwaiti preacher believes the highly rated player didn’t break his fast because of the journey from England to Ukraine. He believes Mohamed Salah broke his fast because of the match itself. He further claimed that ‘God punished him’ for eating before the match during Ramadan.

Mubarak al-Bathali wrote on Twitter:

“God punished him,”

“Unfortunately, [he will] bear the burden.

“Do not think the Muslim believes that life is managed by reason and effort, but life is the hand of God comes to whom he will, whether hard or not diligent.

“Perhaps the injury is good for you.

“Do not grieve, the door of repentance is open”.

Al-Bathali said he hopes the star considers his injury as a lesson and a reminder that everything happens by God’s will. “Preachers who said it is acceptable for him to break his fast have also permitted other things”, he said.

Mubarak al-Bathali added that Salah is considered an ambassador for Muslims who has changed the image of Muslims in the West. He also praised Salah for his other habits such as walking away when his teammates drink alcohol.

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