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How To Find The Best People


There are a variety of ways that you can find the people that you need. Most business owners have used them all at one time or another. None of them are perfect, but as we say, “Cast a wide net.” The more ways that you have to find good people, the more probable that you will find the people you need at the right time.



Fully 85% of key people are found through referrals and word-of-mouth. Someone knows someone who knows someone else and recommends that person to you. The way you tap into this invisible network of possible candidates is by mentioning regularly that you are looking for good people to join your company. Your word will soon get out and people will start to phone you to recommend someone who has just become available, or to express interest themselves.


Personnel Placement Services

These companies continually advertise for candidates. They interview them and check their past histories and experience. They hire some and then send them on to you while keeping them on their payroll. You should find one or two personnel placement agencies in your community and talk with them about your present and future needs.


These companies vary in quality, so you must be selective in finding a company that you are happy working with. They may charge a little more, but they can save you many hours of time-consuming interviews and frustrating experiences in employing the wrong person.


Newspaper Advertisement

These will attract the greatest number of candidates, but you must use the ads with care. You should be very clear in your ads about the results expected, the experience required, and the work responsibility involved. Even if you’re careful and clear, nine out of ten people who respond to your ads will be totally inappropriate.


It is almost as if they are applying for every job advertised in the newspaper without even reading the requirements. If you advertise in the newspaper, create a five-to-seven part questionnaire that someone, even your receptionist, can ask anyone who phones. A few questions about the specifics of your ad will screen callers very quickly.


After a few questions, it will be clear to both you and the caller if there’s a possibility worth pursuing. If the applicant gives appropriate answers to these questions, ask for a resume, either by mail, in person or by e-mail.


Act Now!

Look for candidates with successful track records doing key jobs that you need to have done. How could you attract them to work for you?


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