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5 Misconceptions About Life On Purpose

  1. Life Purpose has to Big, Bold and Grand

The first thing people get wrong about life on purpose is that it has to be so big and grandiose. To be clear, it is okay to dream big and dream even bigger, however, you have to start with whatever it is that you have and do not wait until all you have is lost. Living your life on purpose is not about doing something big, bold and grand as so many people are led to believe but rather about pouring your heart into your work and doing all things from a place your love. Whatever you called to do, whatever platform or position you have to serve, do it well so your legacy can be remembered at the end of the day.

  1. A Great Master will show you the way

You have to take your own journey, and you have to walk your own path. Nobody can do it for you. Your inner voice and guidance, your intuition, listen to them.

  1. The world needs to validate your purpose

The world may not recognize the value of your work and the beauty of your purpose. It happened to many great men and women in the past, and it can still happen to many great men and women in the present but that should not stop you from living your life on purpose. If you wait for the whole world to recognize the value of you and your purpose, you might wait forever. Living your life on purpose is all about doing what you love and loving what you do, no matter if the world perceives your work as valuable or not. If there is no Love, there is no real value.

  1. The Bigger your Purpose, the more Rights you have

You might think you are entitled to a lot of things just because you are offering so much to so many people, but the truth of the matter is that you are entitled to nothing. The bigger your purpose, the bigger your responsibilities, but not your rights.

  1. Your Life Purpose never changes

Your life purpose is never the same. Just as you are constantly growing, changing and evolving, so is your life purpose. Your purpose takes many forms and many shapes. And the only thing that’s never changing, the only thing that should remain the same, is the love you put into the work you do.



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