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4 Kinds Of Information NOT To Share

It is important to understand what information is okay to share and when you should keep quiet. As humans, although we are surrounded by people every day, we are inherently alone. We are mostly alone in our thoughts, always pondering and working out situations in our heads. In the same instant, we don’t have to be alone, we have people who want to understand our plight and help us get through the tough times. But, we must categorize what we share with others. Some things are never meant to be shared while other things must be told in order to help the secret holder find peace and a solution.

See 4 things that it is best to keep quiet about;


  • Relationship issues

Some of the most notable things that you should keep quiet about are relationship problems. What goes on between you and your partner should be kept between you and your partner. It is tempting to tell someone about the problems that you have, but it can also cause even more problems. Maybe you can tell the trivial things but you need to be extra careful. There should be no mention of your intimacy, arguments or various home life issues. The reason why you should keep quiet is because these complaints or comments are like open doors to other people. They invite others in to cause division, bad advice and even instigating violence.


  • Extended Family problems

The extended family, which is the family aside from your spouse and children, consists of parents, grandparents, cousins, etc. There are many issues that arise between these members of the extended family. There are issues which involve inheritance, custody, and crime which should never pass from between affected members onto the ears of others within the family. This can only prove to be dangerous and dramatic. In some ways, information within the extended family can be some of the most critical topics that should never ever be leaked.


  • Medical information

Another sensitive topic concerns personal medical information. Under no circumstances should medical info be shared outside the family. Even some information should be kept in tight circles within the family. People are often judged because of their illnesses and refused amenities like jobs and other positions of importance. Many people have lost relationships due to untimely release of medical information as well. It should always be up to the sufferer to disclose this sort of thing if need be.


  • Fears

Although sharing your fears may feel liberating, it can also be used against you. It’s not wrong to have a good healthy fear, but it’s not something that you should talk about. Not only does it give others an upper hand, but it also releases negative energies every time you talk about it. The only time it should be mentioned is when you are faced with your fears in the company of your spouse or close family member. This can help them understand why you panic so that they can help out.




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