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3 Habits Of Successful People To Create A Powerfully Productive Day

  1. They are not always ‘switched on’

Majority of them do not believe in the 24/7 grind. This false perception of being “switched on” every day can be damaging. While you can push yourself further, and push some more further in the short term, it can be overwhelming which will affect your productivity in the long run. When you are mentally fatigued, it is not possible to perform at your best and be your most productive; being tired can cause you to become distracted easily.

While they plan times of high focus on one task for 45 to 60 minutes straight, it is usually followed by a few minutes of rest. This contrasts the usual way people approach their day of trying to work on three to four things at once for seven hours straight.

2. They create a mind and body capable of being more productive.

Your daily fitness and nutrition impacts your energy during the day and so upgrading your mind and body to be able to perform better is a starting point. If your energy, health and mind are not functioning at their best, how can you possibly be the most productive version of yourself? Your fitness, nutrition, sleeping and lifestyle habits have a massive influence on your daily energy.

Many successful persons take out time to either work out in the morning or later during the day and take care of their minds and bodies as well. Little wonder success looks good on them, literally, they put in work to it as well. A high-performing body and mind is essential to creating more energy for your day. More energy equals more focus, more productivity and getting more things done.

3. They have a daily power-on and power-off routine.

The way you start your morning will set the tone for the rest of your day. If you start it in a rushed and chaotic state, best believe this will carry forward all day and affect your performance.  I would feel like one is constantly chasing the day and could never catch up.

Create a personal morning routine ; wake up, drink some water, do a short exercise, listen to something positive, have your breakfast etc; whatever works for you. Some people however tend to forget to switch themselves back off. It’s very challenging to fall asleep when we are still amped up from our day. You should also create a power-off routine to finish the day. It may include expressing gratitude, writing in a journal everything that went well,  a cold shower etc before you turn of the lights for the evening to sleep.


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