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Zazoo Zeh singer, Portable incite a fight in Ota, Ogun State



Upcoming Nigerian artiste and Zazu Zeh singer, Portable was seen stirring up a quarrel in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.


Zazoo Zeh singer, Portable

Zazoo Zeh singer, Portable


Portable was seen shouting uncontrollably and struggling with security forces amidst a crowd at a location in Ota.


The Zazoo Zeh singer’s career has been on a steady rise upon constant fight and misunderstanding with  his sponsors, Poco Lee and Kogbagidi.



The chaos started when his Range Rover screen was broken by the mob, thereby triggering Portable’s anger which made him alighted from his car and started shouting and disorganizing the whole street.


As he was trying to escape from the scene, his car was hit and damaged by a coming siren car. One person from the crowd was heard saying, “Zazoo don cause trouble”.






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