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YUL EDOCHIE: The Sudden Hypocrisy in Our Society



Every day comes its own trend. And the trend now is on Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie. The spotlight fell on him hours ago after the world got wind of the idea he got a child with a second wife, or raptly put, he leads a polygamous lifestyle widely frowned at in today’s western world.

And now, comes the social media cavalry of judges and detectives, unearthing and leaving behind the Actor’s background prior before the reveal and also that of the second woman, Judy Austin, also an Actress in Nollywood herself.

The Internet, in their usual yearn for the trend train, dug into the Actor and the Actresses’ social media handles to unearth their words and use it against them; cause obviously, Judges need something to work on. Their scavenge led to quotes from Yul lavishing insurmountable praises on his first wife who had stayed with him through the hard times, and also quotes from Judy Austin whom herself had undermined the institution of marriage, having labeled it ‘no achievement’.

It‘s technically the case of using fire against fire to get a point. But the irony of course has to do with the obvious fact that the society criticizing the duo or Yul in particular, fail to weigh Edochie’s case with the many controversial issues reigning in today’s world, stemming from the increasing rate of divorce; particularly in the celebrity plane, the influx of the baby mama ideology propagated to society by our stars or the now trending problem of domestic violence in relationships that has caught some so-called celebrities in the trend.

But obviously, a man who with all the odds, can summon the courage to accommodate 2 women in a legal union based on African standards, is being targeted as the very enemy of society, speaks volume of how hypocritical society has so far fallen.

Of course, based on the couple’s religious faiths, the union forbids them, but the same religious eye to which the world judges them through, they turn a blind eye on when it comes to other controversial matters, based solely on the fact they are glamorous or cheeky.