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EFCC alleges political shielding of ex-governor Yahaya Bello amid N80.2bn fraud accusations



Yahaya Bello fraud allegations: EFCC alleges political shielding

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) accused senior Nigerian politicians on Wednesday of sheltering Yahaya Bello, the former governor of Kogi State who is accused of N80.2 billion in fraud.

Yahaya Bello had already been proclaimed sought by the anti-graft bureau for failing to comply with their invitation. The proclamation came after an unsuccessful attempt to arrest him and his frequent absence from court for arraignment.

In reaction to the EFCC’s activities, the Nigerian Immigration Service has placed the former governor on a watch list. Despite these precautions, Bello has not yet been captured, raising concerns about the delay.

An EFCC official claimed that Bello is being shielded by powerful figures within the political system. “That politically-exposed Yahaya Bello, whose crime has been traced to him by allegation and has been invited by the EFCC to come and explain, and for months he is acting drama and we are all here wanting to ask questions! The shame is our own shame!” the official stated.

The official further questioned the role of other political leaders in the matter. “Can’t we catch him? We can, but do we go all out to catch him? Do we need to do that when he has his masters? Can’t they call him and tell him, ‘You are disgracing Nigeria’? What are you telling the world? Tell him to go and explain himself like others have done.”

He called on Bello’s political peers to intervene. “Where are the ministers? Where are Yahaya Bello’s colleagues, even in his hiding? So, Nigerians can’t tell him ‘This is not fair, go and report; they are not going to kill you’? But people are still eating and dining with him.”

Despite the allegations and the watchlist status, Yahaya Bello is expected to submit himself to the court today.

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