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Wizkid vs. Burna Boy: The Social Media Publicity Era



Wizkid vs. Burna Boy: The Social Media Publicity Era

Talk about the Nigerian naira continually crashing in the international market while the Nigerian economy continues to crash, Nigeria’s only source of entertainment these days is watching celebrities like Wizkid and Burna Boy throw shades at each other over the weight of their pocket.

It has become quite a growing trend in the Nigerian social media space, with celebrity musicians taking to their social media account to throw jeers at their next door neighbor while the next person pens a response. It didn’t start today, and doesn’t look like ending tomorrow; whether the Nigerian economy agrees with them or not.

It has become somewhat a publicity venture for either side to test run their publicity with the fans and also promote their image. Call it a cheap ploy or not, but the amount of attention gotten from the posts of Wizkid and Burna Boy as a result of the subtle shades thrown at one another could result in so many media narratives.

Let’s not forget, it could lead to further endorsements for either party or ironically a collaboration that gets them more audiences.

That being said, what happened recently?

Wizkid vs. Burna Boy: The Social Media Publicity Era

Well it began when Nigeria’s music sensation took on to his social media profile to throw the first shade at Burna Boy.

Wizkid’s posts were considered veiled digs aimed at fellow megastars Burna Boy and Davido. It will also appear that Burna Boy’s post is a reply to Wizkid.

So far, Wizkid’s Snapchat post has generated comments from fans on Twitter who have continued to speculate as to the intention and the parties involved.

Wizkid’s decision to behave out of character and disparage his colleagues sparked a social media uproar.

The musician had claimed that, even if he were to cease performing, none of his contemporaries could match the fortune he had accumulated.

Burna Boy responded, seemingly in response to the article, saying he can’t speak to someone who hasn’t earned $100 million this year alone. To the surprise of many, Wizkid posted a joke about Odogwu African Giant on his Instagram story channel.

Since it appears Burna Boy chose to respond on behalf of the entire industry, Wizkid’s shade has taken on a new tack. The Bad To Me singer had already used social media to criticize his peers for never being able to earn as much money as he does.

Usually, when the first dig is thrown, it is only a matter of time before an equal yet opposite reaction is returned in kind. But for the Nigerian celebrity scene, it is all for the show.