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Why Victor Osimhen should bend the knee to Napoli



Why Victor Osimhen should bend the knee to Napoli

The modern times has given everyone a lot of liberties to freedom of expression, but in as much as everyone is free to express themselves or have a right to feel offended when jabs are traded towards one, the reality still remains–freedom of expression is only subjective not definite.

Everyone has a right to their words, to feel offended, but you can never take on an Organization you work under on your own, without there being consequences. The Organization always finds a way to win. 

Super Eagles star, Victor Osimhen drove a lot of narratives following the Serie A tie versus Bologna last weekend after missing a spot kick that could have gifted his side all 3 points and taken Napoli to within reach of the top 4.

However, in what should have been rather a rued chance to move up the table, it took on a narrative of its own, as the club’s official TikTok handle decided to join in on the conversation and mock its player.

In an offensive move, the social media administrator of the club’s TikTok handle edited a detailed video in jest of Victor Osimhen, in which the Nigerian was seen begging for a penalty from the referee only to flunk it after it was given.

Why Victor Osimhen should bend the knee to Napoli

Many have debated the move to be a racist ploy to discredit the Nigerian and stir up narratives, after all many hours after the video was uploaded and deleted, the club’s PR team failed to release a statement to condemn the video or the social media admin.

It is even made more suspicious that prior to the video being deleted, the comment section of the video was reportedly turned off by the TikTok admin, presumably to prevent fan outrage as soon as it was posted. Hence, it lends credence to the idea that the video was posted to make a deliberate jest of the Nigerian while bearing in mind the potential backlash that could result from it.

Victor Osimhen was held at high standard at Napoli, by its fans and perhaps in the team prior to this moment after leading the club to its first Serie A title in over 30 years in the last campaign.

However, shortly before the 2022/23 campaign ended, rumors on the media presented a glimpse that the coming season could see Osimhen facing trying times if he remained at the club.

There were gossips that certain sections of the Italian fanbase preferred Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, and were allegedly seeing the Nigerian stealing the spotlight from the Georgian midfielder.

With Napoli in the middle of a poor start to the season under a new manager, Rudi Garcia, and Victor Osimhen failing to hit the figures demanded of him, there was bound to be a scapegoat, and the tie versus Bologna presented the perfect opportunity to give fans that narrative.

Why Victor Osimhen should bend the knee to Napoli

Victor Osimhen reacted emotionally to being subbed off from the game, and even though he later tended an apology, there is no hiding the fact that tension had already being created.

Following the social media shenanigans by the Napoli admin, the Super Eagles striker moved to remove every post, photo and video linking him to the club, with his representatives ready to sue Napoli.

Rightly so, it is within Victor Osimhen’s right to take actions, however Napoli is an establishment within a larger piece, which Osimhen happens to still be under.

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, the Nigerian international choosing to be agitated and moving forward to press charges while still with the club, could have a profound effect on his career moving forward. And this leaves Victor Osimhen with only one option –to win, and to make sure he keeps winning, both on-pitch and off-pitch.

Either way, Victor Osimhen going into hostile territories with Napoli means always looking over his shoulders moving forward.