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Why Nigerians defeat us in everything – South African businessman



A South African businessman has praised the resilient spirit of Nigerians in business and survival.

A South African businessman has praised the resilient spirit of Nigerians in business and survival.

In a conversation with a podcaster named Pen, the entrepreneur noted that Nigerians often outperform South Africans in business competitions due to their hardworking nature and self-motivation.

The businessman shared his observation of how many Nigerians, despite not having the assurance of government grants, take it upon themselves to hustle and make a living.

He cited examples of small business owners and hawkers who are not deterred by their situation and are always looking for ways to make a living.

In contrast, the businessman pointed out that many young South Africans wait for government support or go through bureaucratic processes to get loans from Small Enterprise Finance Agency before starting a business.

The South African businessman called for a change in mindset amongst his people, urging them to adopt a proactive approach to business and survival and to learn from the resilient spirit of Nigerians.

The video of the conversation has since gone viral, with many Nigerians expressing pride in their hardworking spirit and determination to succeed, despite challenges.

In other news, Juliana Olayode, popularly known as “Toyo Baby” from the TV series Jenifa’s Diary, recently shared her experience on a date with an old acquaintance.

In a post on her Instagram page, she recounted how the man attempted to kiss her on multiple occasions during the date.

According to Juliana, she had known the man for a long time before they decided to go on a date to catch up on old times.

They started by going to a restaurant, where a food stain appeared on her mouth. Instead of informing her so she could wipe it off, the man attempted to kiss it off, which made her angry.

Later on, they went to the cinema and while eating popcorn, a piece dropped on her chest. The man attempted to take it off with his mouth, which she refused.

When they got back to the car after the movie, the man attempted to kiss her before leaving, which she also rejected.

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