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Why I decided not to have sex in #BBNaija House – Isilomo, ex-housemate explains

One of the four housemates who have been evicted from the reality TV show – 2019 Big Brother Naija, Isilomo Braimoh has revealed that she made a decision not to have sex during her stay in the popular reality show.

Though the show would last for 90 days; the dark-skinned young lady, who is in her mid-20s, lasted only seven days in the house.

According to Isilomo Braimoh, “When I was evicted from the house, I thought it was a joke. Even after I got on the live eviction show, I thought we were going to be ushered into a room to wait but we were put on a bus with our luggage. It was then that it dawned on me that it was happening. That was the only time I ever cried about it. Later, I shook it off and let it go. Since then, I have not cried again. If I am given the chance to go back to the house; I will jump at it.

“I planned to take everything as it came while in the house; the only thing I decided not to do was to have sex in the house. I wouldn’t go as far as being in a relationship because it was a controlled environment.”

Speaking about her few days in the house and the audition, she described it as quite challenging, adding that she was grateful that she made it to the BBN House.

She said, “The experience was very good, right from the audition. I spent seven days in the house; I expected that I would stay longer than I did. As regards the general experience I had from the game, I got what I expected. On the first day of the audition, I was pepper-sprayed by accident. They were trying to control the crowd and I was in the way. I auditioned for it in Abuja. I went back on the second day even though I wasn’t willing to go; I stood in the queue for hours. I was just hoping I would be called.

“I kept hope alive until the day of the show. When I came out of the house, I was impressed by the love and support I received from my fans. I heard about some memes from a comedian about me looking different after I went to bed without make-up. However, I see it as ignorance because I don’t consider him as a funny guy. I don’t think I really want to address that. I saw a lot of comments but it doesn’t bother me. If I was given the chance to go back to the house, I wouldn’t do anything differently.

“I am more concerned about longevity as far as my career is concerned. By the virtue of my hard work, people would see the things I am doing. I don’t think my eviction from the house would stop my blessings from coming to me. I am focused on maximising my ability. I have plans to keep my fans engaged and involved. I plan to start my YouTube channel. I also plan to go into acting and modelling.

“My siblings were supportive of me when I decided to be in the BBN House. We were not allowed to tell anyone.”

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