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Why Governors & Senators’ age limit was not reduced in #NotTooYoungToRun Bill – Ekweremadu details



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Nigeria’s Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu has explained why the age limit to run for Governor or Senator was not reduced with the Not Too Young to Run Bill.

The bill, at its inception, sought to reduce the age limit of candidates running for president from 40 to 35 years, state and federal representatives from 30 to 25 years, and 30 years for governors and senators.

After it was signed into law, President Muhammadu Buhari revealed that the age limit for senators and governors was not reduced.

According to The Cable, Ekweremadu shared that a senator could become a president is why the age limit wasn’t reduced. He said:

Section 146 (1) provides that the vice-president shall hold the office of the president if the office of the president becomes vacant by reason of death or resignation, impeachment, permanent incapacity or removal of the president from office for any other reason in accordance with section 143 of the constitution.

However, section 146 (2) further provides that where any vacancy occurs in the circumstances mentioned in sub-section 1 during a period when the office of the vice-president is also vacant, the president of the senate shall hold the office of the president for a period of not more than three months, during which there shall be an election of a new president, who shall hold office for the unexpired term of office of the last holder of the office.

So, since the president of the senate, a senator, could become an acting president by happenstance, it is only right that the qualification for both offices are the same.