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Why Governor Akeredolu’ll never hand over to deputy – Commissioner



Why Governor Akeredolu’ll never hand over to deputy

Ondo state commissioner for information, Donald Ojogo has revealed that Rotimi Akeredolu, the governor, who is currently receiving treatment for COVID-19, will not hand over to Agboola Ajayi, his deputy.

Akeredolu and Ajayi have been having a running battle, which reached its height when the deputy governor resigned his membership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and joined the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The governor had fired all the aides attached to Ajayi’s office and his police escort was withdrawn until Mohammed Adamu, inspector-general of police, intervened.

On Tuesday, the governor announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and would be going on isolation. He also directed his aides and members of his cabinet to go for COVID-19 test. However, unlike some of his counterparts who handed over power to their deputies when they contracted coronavirus, Akeredolu did not ask Ajayi to step in pending the time he recovers.

At a briefing in Akure, Ondo state capital, on Friday, Ojogo said Akeredolu would not be blackmailed to handover to the Ajayi “who no longer” calls the shot in the state.

He described Agboola as the greatest threat to good governance in the state.

“Handing over the governance of the state to Agboola is a none issue and we are not even considering that,” he said.

“I know as a matter of fact nobody would want to do that and if we advice the governor it should be on what basis? He (deputy governor) has created an unusual scenario upon which he wanted to climb into the next step in his political ambition and we have seen this as a misadventure.

“We cannot toil with what we have built over the years. We cannot risk and attempt to hand over to someone who has exhibited the widest scenario of betrayal.

“So, it is unthinkable and unquestionable. If that is the reasons why the deputy governor is sponsoring some write-ups that the governor must hand over to him. He is only joking and it is not going to happen.

“Mr. Governor is saying COVID-19 is not a death sentence and he is strong enough to work.”

He, however, denied that all government activities in the state have been grounded as a result of the governor’s COVID-19 status.

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