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Why Buhari will make APC’s defeat very easy in 2019 – Fayose



The Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, has said Nigerians does not need counselling to reject the ruling All Progressives Congress during the 2019 general elections.

According to him, the abysmal performance of the party has already made the people grow weary of the party. This is just as the governor noted that there was a wide difference in the tolerance levels of former President Goodluck Jonathan and the incumbent, Muhammadu Buhari.

Fayose stated this in Ado Ekiti during an interactive session with some journalists.

A press release by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Idowu Adelusi, on Wednesday, regretted that under the two years of the APC government, Buhari had made life worse for the people rather than improving their lots.

“Nigeria of our dream is not what we see now. All what I said about President Buhari are coming to pass. Before the polls, I said people should not vote for him.  Nigerians are hungry and they are regretting. If a nobody contests against Buhari in 2019, Buhari will lose. Nigerians don’t need counselling to know that they should not vote Buhari in 2019. It is obvious.

“Majority of those who voted for him never really knew him as they were mostly in their 40s, people who were toddlers when he ruled Nigeria as a military man in the 80s. Apart from his military nature, he does not have what it takes to run Nigeria. His government then was run by (Tunde) Idiagbon.

“He is also not tolerant. You can’t compare him with Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. Jonathan accepted defeat in an election he conducted,” he stated.

On the allegation of corruption against the PDP-led government, Fayose opined that those making such today would also have their books scrutinised by those coming after them.

He expressed surprise that former President Olusegun Obasanjo could also level corruption allegation against the PDP when he spent eight years as President on the platform of the party which was in power for 16 years.

On whether a mega party would be formed to wrestle power from the APC, Fayose said time would tell, adding that he remained a committed and loyal member of the PDP.

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