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“What’s special about this car” – Lady fumes at boyfriend after gifting her a second-hand car on birthday



A young lady has expressed her disappointment on her birthday over a surprised birthday gift from him.

I’m the viral video, the was vexed to her bones after the supposed boyfriend surprised her with a second-hand car as a birthday gift.

Before the surprise was revealed to her, the boyfriend covered the celebrant’s eyes as they both walked gently to the car gift as spectators were busy with a birthday song.

However, when she opened her eyes and saw the car her boyfriend had purchased, disappointment was written all over her.

Being handed the car keys, her disappointment became more evident as she told those cheering and recording the moment to stop immediately.

According to her, there was nothing special about the car that warrants the celebration; she queried whether he has just brought her out to embarrass her.

Watch the video below

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