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What Peter Obi has to say ahead of Swearing-in



Peter Obi presents first witness in Court

In anticipation of the impending swearing-in ceremony of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the President of Nigeria, Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 elections, has conveyed a message to the Nigerian youth, urging them to remain calm, patient, and peaceful during this transitional period.

Taking to his Twitter handle on Monday morning, Obi issued a lengthy statement emphasizing his unwavering commitment to collaborate with like-minded Nigerians in order to put an end to the prevailing curse of missed opportunities and dashed hopes that the nation currently faces.

A former Governor of Anambra State, Obi acknowledged that the journey towards a new Nigeria might be arduous and lengthy, but he maintained that the pursuit was worthwhile in every aspect. He urged Nigerians to join forces in transforming the country from a breeding ground for corruption and criminality into a hub of productivity, steering away from aimless consumption.

“I remain committed and untiring in my determination to work with like-minded fellow Nigerians to end the curse of missed opportunities and squandered hope that has become our lot here,” Obi stated resolutely. “I will never shrink from that original commitment because I firmly believe that we must change from the present politics of criminality and corruption in order to make a new Nigeria possible.”

Addressing his compatriots, particularly the youth, Obi appealed for steadfastness, calmness, patience, and peaceful conduct. He acknowledged the challenges ahead but emphasized the significance of perseverance, highlighting that victory was assured with collective effort.

“Our journey may be long and difficult, but it is worth it in every way,” Obi affirmed. “We have to work together to move our beautiful country from corruption and criminality to a center of productivity rather than aimless consumption.”

As the nation awaits the official inauguration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as President, the words of Peter Obi serve as a reminder to Nigerian youth that their role in the transformation of the nation is crucial.

The call for unity, determination, and a commitment to positive change resonates strongly, reinforcing the hope for a brighter future for Nigeria.