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What led to Saint Obi’s demise — OAP unravels



What led to the death of Saint Obi -- OAP unravels

Popular Nigerian On Air Personality, Do2dtun, has faulted the demise of late Nollywood veteran Saint Obi on the actor’s ex-wife and the decision to weaponize his kids against him, playing a role in quickening the Obi’s death.

Do2dtun took to his official social media handle to shed light on this sensitive issue, highlighting the repercussions of using children as pawns in post-marriage conflicts.

Do2dtun, known for his outspoken nature, condemned the practice of using children as weapons in the aftermath of marital breakdowns.

He emphasized that denying a child access to a parent amounts to infringing upon their rights and emphasized the importance of recognizing children as individuals with rights, not possessions to be controlled by one person.

In a poignant post, Do2dtun recounted conversations with Saint Obi’s family, revealing the actor’s tragic passing in his family house located in Jos.

According to Do2dtun, the actor’s struggles stemmed from being deprived of access to his children, ultimately resulting in his untimely demise.

The radio personality conveyed a strong message, stating,

“Let’s normalize the fact that children are not objects. They have rights. When a child demands the right to see or be with a parent, and you deny them, you have trampled on their rights.”

Sharing insights gained from speaking with Saint Obi’s family, Do2dtun expressed the devastating toll of the actor’s denied access to his kids, citing the tumultuous fights and struggles that allegedly contributed to his passing.

“Do2dtun’s remarks were poignant, underscoring the tragic consequences of weaponizing children in post-marriage conflicts,” he wrote.

“He passed away in their house in Jos, and you have absolutely no idea what that man went through. Denying him his kids and fighting eventually took his life.”

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