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What I Really Whispered To Messi–Robert Lewandowski Opens Up



What I Really Whispered To Messi---Robert Lewandowski Opens Up

Poland vs. Argentina was quite the game that created the narrative for pundits ahead of its kick off and post-match solely due to the caliber of players that were involved for both teams, in Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski.

For some fans, they imagined if at some point post the world cup tournament, Messi may see himself reunited once more with Barcelona and in turn, Robert Lewandowski who now plies his trade for the Spanish side.

So, it was expected that post-match when both players settled to have quite the conversation, media eyes were widely focused on them.

However, the Poland international has dissuaded their talks being related to transfer rumors linking the Argentine international to the Catalans in the summer of 2023.

The forward for Poland, Robert Lewandowski, disclosed what he said to Lionel Messi during the 2022 World Cup match against Argentina.

After the Argentine went for Paris Saint-Germain in 2021, Lewandowski joined Barcelona, and Messi did not appreciate having his shirt pulled.

Lewandowski has since discussed what actually happened, stating:

“We talked a bit and it was fun.” He told BILD when asked what the two men discussed after the defeat to the Argentina team.

“I told Messi that he was playing more defensively than usual but sometimes that’s what the team needs.”

Lewandowski added: “That was very strange, yes: I was in the centre of the pitch defending, but I knew I had to help the team.”