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Watch moment Tokyo Toni (Blac Chyna’s Mom) showed her Vag!na on Live Show



Watch moment Tokyo Toni (Blac Chyna’s Mom) showed her V*rg*na on Live Show

Watch moment Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni flashed her lady bit to the world during a live show in attempt to show The Game that she’s more skilled than her daughter.

In a jaw-dropping episode of Zeus Network’s “Aunt-Tea,” Tokyo Toni, the enigmatic mother of Blac Chyna, left viewers speechless with not only her provocative tales but a particular moment she chose to reveal to viewers and guests on the show what actually was under her undies.

Co-hosting alongside Tia Kemp and Karlissa Saffold, Tokyo Toni welcomed rapper The Game as their guest, setting the stage for a night of unexpected confessions and eyebrow-raising discussions.

The episode took a dramatic turn when Tokyo Toni, known for her outrageous Instagram stories and unfiltered rants, introduced The Game by revealing his past intimate relationship with her daughter, Blac Chyna.

This bold disclosure paved the way for a surreal conversation about Blac Chyna’s sexual prowess, with Tokyo Toni audaciously claiming that she could outdo her daughter.

Throughout the conversation, The Game appeared visibly taken aback, perhaps due to what he had seen while Kemp and Saffold egged Toni on, amplifying the chaotic energy of the discussion. Tokyo Toni’s demeanor was one of unabashed confidence, as she seemingly sought to impress their guest with her audacious claims, never missing a beat or showing a hint of embarrassment.

This episode exemplifies the unpredictable and sensational nature of “Aunt-Tea,” a show that has quickly become a hot topic on social media. Fans tune in expecting the unexpected, and Tokyo Toni, with her unique brand of entertainment, consistently delivers.

From shocking confessions to outrageous boasts, “Aunt-Tea” continues to push the boundaries of conventional podcast content. Tokyo Toni’s latest antics are just another chapter in the wild and unpredictable saga that keeps viewers coming back for more.

As The Game spoke about his personal moments with Blac Chyna, Tokyo attempted to show him that she’s even more skilled than her daughter.

The Game said: “I’ve never told a mama this about the kid in my life but today gonna be the night. Your daughter ain’t no slush down there.”

“She shouldn’t be,” Tokyo said, then added, “Me too.”

Tokyo then opened her legs and showed her lady bits to the surprise of the other hosts and their guests.

“Put your p**** up,” the other guest told Tokyo then told The Game that he shouldn’t be having such discussions with Blac Chyna’s mother.

Watch moment Tokyo Toni (Blac Chyna’s Mom) showed lady bit on Live Show